window regulator assemblies

eliminate vibration & chatter

Parts Mountain window regulators are not only easier to install, but also eliminate vibration/chatter when the window is opening and closing.

Window Regulators provide occupants with convenience, comfort and reliability. We manufacturer our window regulators with an anti-pinch function, protecting you and your family.

Features & Benefits

1. Premium Cable Sheathing

The use of premium cable sheathing in our Window Regulators eliminates cable compression.

2. Steel Capped Ends

The steel capped ends used in our Window Regulators resist pull through.

3. Self-Lubricating Technology

Our self-lubricating technology using aviation grade grease helps reduce friction and abrasion to extend the lifespan of the window regulator.

4. Premium Quality Parts

You can count on premium quality parts being used throughout our Window Regulators for improved reliability and durability.

5. Anti-Pinch Motor

Our anti-pinch motor reduces risk to passengers.

6. OE Plug & Play Harnesses

There is no wire splicing required thanks to the OE plug & play harnesses used in our window regulator design. 

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