Fuel Pumps

Crucial for Efficient Operation

The fuel pump module assembly is critical to the efficient operation of your vehicle. If you’re serious about your vehicle, then you need the best quality fuel pump available.

Meets or Exceeds All OEM Standards

Every Parts Mountain Fuel Pump is built to the highest industry standards, drawing from years of engineering expertise, using the latest technology and top materials.

The module is made of sturdy material and manufactured to meet or exceed all OEM standards, which ensures a safe connection between the fuel tank and the engine. 

Exact Fit & Function

All our products are designed to fit specific vehicles and exact applications. Please check your vehicle information before placing an order.

Rigorous 100% Testing

All Parts Mountain fuel pumps are pressure and flow-rate tested to ensure long dependable life. From start to finish, all Parts Mountain fuel pumps are put through rigorous testing to ensure world-class performance and reliability.

Empower Your Next Adventure

Turn any terrain into a racetrack with this high-performance Parts Mountain fuel pump. Certified to meet external engine ignition requirements and specially designed to be submerged in fuel, it makes adventure happen.

Improved propeller design with new thicker turbine blade to increase the volume of the blade slot, so that the blade can drive more fuel when rotating. Featuring alloy brushes that improve connection and extend service life.

Features & Benefits

1. Injection Molded

All formed pieces are injection molded to replicate OE design and ensure proper form, fit and function.

2. OE Style Plug

Correct OE Style Plug for ease of installation (new pig tail provided when change is required).

3. Soldering Wiring

Wire terminals are soldered to avoid any risk of electrical shorts.

4. Improved Bushing Design

Five claw brush design for better connection.

5. Accurate Reading

Curved rheostat design for a more accurate and continuous reading.


Additional Details

  • Carbon commutators are latest technical improvements that reduce failure, better for the environment, and lessens the effects of today’s corrosive fuel.
  • Fuel Level Sensor/Rheostat is high quality Palladium-Silver alloy with an OE five-finger design to increase durability and fuel gauge accuracy.
  • Where applicable, Parts Mountain fuel pumps include high density strainers, proper tank seals, and perfect fit wiring harnesses.


Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

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